Kevin Cook

Philly Photo Survey Book was designed by Ryan Strand Greenberg. Project curated by Kevin Cook. 

The map, which is a cutout of the city, was produced by Nate Harris.

A Photographic Survey of Philadelphia

In 1960, the Philadelphia Planning Commission released its first Comprehensive Plan. This document was a “blueprint for a new kind of city.” It proposed the “organization of residential areas into a system of neighborhoods, communities and districts in order to enhance the local civic identity.”

In this plan, the city was divided into 12 sections: Center City, South, Southwest, West, Lower North, Upper North, Bridesburg-Kensington-Richmond, Roxborough-Manayunk, Germantown-Chestnut Hill, Olney-Oak Lane, Near Northeast and Far Northeast.

From July 2017 to January 2018, seventeen Philadelphia-based visual artists photographed each section’s unique people and places. The project resulted in a gallery exhibition and book which featured a curated selection of images that provide an expansive and detailed look into everyday Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s 2018 plan and its future plan, Philadelphia 2035, which was introduced under former Mayor Nutter, divide the city into 18 districts.

The Philly map design was repurposed from the 1960 document by Kriston Jae Bethel.

Shira Yudkoff / Center City

Billy Cress / Center City

Billy Cress / Center City

Neema Kashi / South

Neema Kashi / South 

Saleem Ahmed / South

About the project: Nearly 500 pictures were submitted and about 100 unique images - between the show and the book - were chosen. Some pictures that were in the show were not in the book and vice versa. The photographs were presented within their sections, labeled A-L, like the 1960 document. For example: A) Center City, B) South and L) Far Northeast. 

The show was open from April to August 2018 at 990 Spring Garden St in Philadelphia. 75 framed photographs were on display. The book is 5x8 and features 45 photographs. Sold out edition of 75.

Joseph R Webb / Upper North

Joseph R Webb / Upper North

Anthony Pezzotti / Upper North

Ebony Welch / Germantown

Anthony Pezzotti / Upper North

Andrew Piccone / Roxborough-Manayunk

Andrew Piccone / Roxborough-Manayunk

Ryan Strand Greenberg / Near Northeast

Rachel Wisniewski / West

Annie Risemberg / Southwest

Kriston Jae Bethel / Olney-Oak Lane

Matthew Bender / Lower North

Branden Eastwood / Bridesburg-Kensington-Richmond

Joe Lamberti / Bridesburg-Kensington-Richmond

Ryan Strand Greenberg / Near Northeast

Photographers: Saleem Ahmed, Kriston Jae Bethel, Matthew Bender, Kevin Cook, Billy Cress, Branden Eastwood, Ryan Strand Greenberg, Neema Kashi, Joe Lamberti, Troy Memis, Anthony Pezzotti, Andrew Piccone, Annie Risemberg, Joseph R Webb, Ebony Welch, Rachel Wisniewski & Shira Yudoff

Credits: Curator Kevin Cook; Book Design - Ryan Strand Greenberg; Graphic Design - Kriston Jae Bethel 

Special thanks to: Kelly Edwards, Nate Harris & Katie Tackman

contact: phillyphotosurvey at gmail & @phillyphotosurvey